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Department for Plastic Surgery
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Lymph node transplantation, a new approach to treating lymphedema of the extremities

The lymphatic system is responsible for the body’s tissue equilibrium. A removal of lymph nodes can disrupt this system, causing moderate to severe lymphedema, an uncomfortable and painful swelling of the extremities, which is difficult to treat. These lymphedema can appear primarily or secondarily post-tumor removal in the breast or groin, where lymph nodes have been removed, or from other causes such as an accident or disease. The standard lymphedema treatment is to manage the symptoms and either reduce swelling or halt its progression; treatments commonly include physical therapy, compression, manual lymph drainage, or a combination of these therapies.
But advances in surgical techniques are reducing or eliminating symptoms for many patients. We are specialists in the innovative surgical technique known as free lymph node transplantation, which involves transplanting lymph nodes from elsewhere in the body to replace those removed. The surgical technique can effectively treat lymphedema patients by relieving the symptoms and increasing the lymphatic drainage of the affected areas. We are nationally acclaimed for our microsurgical free lymph node transplantations and have been successfully treating patients suffering from lymphedema since 2010.
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