Department for
Plastic Surgery
and Hand Surgery
Department for Plastic Surgery
and Hand Surgery
Director: Univ.-Prof. Dr. H.-G. Machens
Tel: +49 89 414 021 71

Treatment of scars and wrinkles with modern surgical techniques or laser therapy 

Scars develop after injury or surgical procedures. Almost all wounds in humans result in some degree of scarring, a natural part of the healing process. Although most scars are only aesthetically unpleasant, there are certain types of scarring which need medical treatment, such as keloids. Keloid scars are a more serious form of excessive scarring by their growth outside the original wound area and sometimes can grow indefinitely into large tumors. Our experienced surgeons can successfully treat keloids and other problematic scars using the latest techniques available. Our scar and keloid corrections are usually a combination of surgery and laser therapy.
Laser therapy can effectively treat not only problematic scars such as keloids, but also wrinkles, skin color changes and skin appendages, while protecting the underlying tissue. Wrinkles, although a natural part of aging, especially on the face disturb some people. There are many options to help people who seek correction for wrinkles. Aside from the surgical procedures available, such as facelifts, there are other effective wrinkle treatments. Botox® can correct deep wrinkles in specific areas by giving the skin a smoother and less-wrinkled appearance. Botox® works by weakening specific muscles that create facial lines or wrinkles. Patients should keep in mind that the effect of Botox® is temporary, usually lasting up to 6 months, and that repeat injections are needed to maintain results.
We will gladly inform you personally of all therapy options available during our consultation hours.

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