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Department for Plastic Surgery
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Plastic surgical breast reconstruction after cancer surgery, accidents or to treat deformities

Breast surgery is the primary focus of plastic surgery and is one of our specialties. As a highly specialized clinic we offer advanced reconstructive options that are at the forefront of medicine. Whether post-cancer surgery, post-trauma or deformities, we offer a variety of options for breast reconstructions from using your own tissues to using implants or a combination of your own tissues and implants. Our team of surgical experts in breast surgery will work closely together with the patients to develop an individualized plan for reconstruction that is tailored according to each patient’s priorities, needs and physique. We reconstruct mammary glands and nipples as well as gynecomastia, an increase in size of mammary gland tissue in males. We can reconstruct the breast either with implants or by using the patient’s own fat as in lipofilling to augment or by using one’s own body tissue to “rebuild” a new breast. These highly advanced, complex procedures offer clinically and esthetically very good results, for a new breast is “formed” from the patient’s own tissue.


We will gladly inform you personally of all therapy options available during our consultation hours.


Breast reconstruction using implants is appropriate for middle-sized breasts. We use only the highest-quality implants of well-established brands in the industry, which were intensively tested. There are different procedures available and we will gladly inform you personally of all therapy options available during our consultation hours. We take care of our patients post-surgery on an intensive 24-hours-a-day basis as part of our comprehensive therapy concept.



This well-established technique is appropriate for smaller breasts. Fat from the patient’s own body – the abdomen or the hip, for example, or other part of the body where excess fat already exists – will be used to enlarge or augment your breast. The advantage of this procedure is that no foreign material will be implanted in your body. We achieve excellent results using this technique.

Reconstruction with autologous tissue (own body tissue)

Breast reconstruction with autologous tissue – using the patient’s own body tissue ( “flap”) – is highly complex and demands highly skilled surgeons with specialized knowledge and training in microvascular tissue transfer. Our surgical team specializes in autologous reconstruction. Breast reconstruction using this method is appealing because it is usually durable and the “new breast” can feel quite natural, warm and soft to the touch. This technique is appropriate for large breasts.

Possible flaps:

  • Deep Inferior Epigastric artery flap (DIEP)
  • Superficial inferior epigastric artery flap (SIEA)
  • Muscle saving Transverse rectus abdominis flap (TRAM)
  • Inferior and Superior Gastric Artery Perforator flap (I-GAP, S-GAP)
  • Latissimus dorsi Muscle flap (LDM)

Contact and consultation hours

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Monday till Thursday: 08:00 a.m. –  04:00 p.m.

Friday: 08:00 a.m. –  02:00 p.m.

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